I have many stories. But one was when a truck tipped over on its side and I drove underneath it. Another truck tipped at the exact same spot later that week near me. I had a truck in front of me have a sheet of steel come off, and I drove underneath it as it went up. » 1/24/11 5:50pm 1/24/11 5:50pm

This reminds me of a time not long after 9/11 attacks where a truck carrying a backhoe practically sliced through a bridge. I thought that instead of bombs, all a terrorist needed was something like that to slice up bridges and hamstring our infrastructure. » 12/18/10 10:56am 12/18/10 10:56am

My dad felt the first atom bomb dropped on Japan. He lived a long life. I would not be surprised if we see another nuke used in our lifetime. And in a way I think it has the potential to be a collective sigh of relief since the world has been holding its breath since WWII on this. Not that I would want it, not that it… » 12/16/10 11:09am 12/16/10 11:09am

As other people have pointed out, checkpoints CREATE CHOKEPOINTS that concentrate people BEFORE the security. All someone has to do is detonate a bomb AT THE CHOKEPOINT which will likely have more densely packed people than the airplane itself and cause more death. So, security experts KNOW THIS and the fact that they… » 12/12/10 2:28pm 12/12/10 2:28pm